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MaLena Goodnight (Intern)


Johnny Leonard, NCC, LPCS, MAC, LCAS, CCS, SAP, DCC, CHT

Johnny meets with adults and teenagers, providing individual and family counseling. He works with clients early, assisting in developing goals for therapy to make sure sessions stay focused on finding solutions, creating change, and feeling better. Johnny has helped clients work through issues across a wide spectrum but feels especially helpful working with individuals who struggle with addictions, trauma, high stress, and anger. Johnny offers a friendly atmosphere where clients feel accepted and can move at their own pace to work towards the goals they have set. (Full Profile)

MaLena Goodnight (Intern)

351 Wagoner Drive, Suite 317 / Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303 / 910-580-9346 (Office) 910-229-3622 (Fax)